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Bild von Julia Fitzke

"When you take pictures in color,
then the colors show the clothes.
When you take pictures in black and white,
then the colors show the soul."

I spent the summer holidays of my whole childhood by grandmother in a village. I remember the rainy days than I loved to look at family photo albums. The pages were made of cardboard. From year to year I noticed new details in the photos when scrolling. It's like a favorite book to read several times. And every time to discover something new in it.
I still remember a photograph of my mother aged one year sitting on a small meadow in the apple orchard. I remember every detail of this picture.
As soon as the parents bought their first camera, I started taking pictures. It was the time of film photography. I loved photography and looked forward to the photos, which could only be developed in special laboratories. It was the moment of waiting and uncertainty, what will become of the photographing, a kind of mysticism.
When I noticed my interest in photography, my parents gave me the first semi-professional camera. It was still the time of film photography and I have kept all my films.
Now is the time of digital photography. And the result can be viewed immediately on camera's display.
I love the black and white pictures from my early childhood.
In black and white photography, simple seems complicated and complicated seem simple.
I invite you to the world of my photography.

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